Rockley Music

We provide instrumental tuition, DRUMBA® crash courses and more!

(Music, Movement and Fitness Classes)
A cross curricular class offering a healthy balance of both traditional musical disciplines,
fitness and sporting activities including strength, balance and cardio exercises, circuit training and plyometrics all written into 40 – 60 minute routines.

Military Drumming
(Snare Drum Marching Band Class)
Snare Drum Marching Band Class, this class ticks all the boxes for delivering your schools musical requirements. Meeting national curriculum expectations this class covers topics such as rhythm, reading rhythm, transcription, pitch, timbre, dynamics, graded snare drum courses and termly performances.

Peripatetic Music Lessons
Lessons are run on a weekly basis for example (Friday Mornings) between 9am and 11.45am for a duration of 20 -25 minutes in small groups of 2 – 6 children at a time during the school day. The aim with the lessons is to create a constant weekly education, in order for a child to develop competency on the instrument. Children can start the drums from year 1.

All equipment is provided, it will arrive and and be taken away each session. We offer a variety of resources from full acoustic drum sets, electric volume controlled drum sets, practise pad silent drums, head phones, PA and percussive instruments aiming toward, graded studies, popular music tech and annual music performances at school. All children are engaged simultaneously during the session and we rotate around the different stations throughout the lesson.Initially it is not essential to have drums at home to get started, we do however provide information, support and advice on purchasing equipment as and when required. A tutor, trained and vetted under Rockley Music with current DBS certificate I.D and public liability cover will be assigned to your school (all necessary documentation provided). The price per half term is £48.00. Most half terms are 6 weeks but every so often there will be 5 and 7 week half terms evening out the cost over the year. The lessons are based on a membership agreement, half termly contract (cancel anytime). All bookings are made directly with Rockley Music, enrolments made online at and we organise all timetabling and student applications independently by agreement and authorisation the school office.

Rockley Music Can:

– Maximise use of sports premium funding by combining music and PE in one session that meets national curriculum expectations.

– Deliver group peripatetic music tuition payable by parents (£48.00) inc. VAT per half term.

– Deliver after school DRUMBA® clubs in groups of up to 30 children (£48.00) inc. VAT per half term.

– Take care of all administration and parental communication.

– Provide volume controlled electric drum pads enabling tuition/classes to take place during the school day.

– Supply excellent instructors trained and insured under Rockley Music with current DBS certificates.

Key Benefits:

– Engage kinesthetic learners.

– Build confidence and raise self esteem.

– Improve fine motor skills, grip, posture and handwriting in foundation and key stage one pupils.

– All our activities are offered to key stage 1 upwards.

Price List (January 2019)

Tier 1One off Events
Full day of DRUMBA® £549
Half day of DRUMBA® £325
Tier 26 / 12 Week Crash Courses
6 Week Crash Course (half day per week) £225 per session
12 Week Crash Course (half day per week) £190 per session
Tier 3Annual Provision of 38 weeks
3 Terms of DRUMBA® (half day per week) £160 per session
Staff DRUMBA® parties / team builder one-off events £199 (1 hour session)
Crash course for staff team builder / CPD plan for ongoing delivery (ask for details) £750 (six 1 hour sessions)